Zero Emissions: A Leaf of Faith

Today, I finally decided to take the plunge and start the transition to an electric vehicle (EV). My Toyota Corolla has been a trusty friend for over a decade but, I must admit that the petroleum game has finally taken its toll on me.

Once that realization had been made it became a question of how to finance the purchase? I have never enjoyed paying interest and would much rather earn it so, facing that truth about myself led me to set an all-cash budget of $10-$12k including taxes and fees.

After researching the available options within my price range, I decided to go w/the Nissan Leaf S. This model had received many informative reviews so, I felt confident that this could prove to be a deal with great long-term value. My Corolla would drink at least $30 of gasoline per week just for my regular work commute, ¡No Bueno!

Based on my research, I was certain that my weekly expenses for the Leaf would be much lower. And, by making this move I would be actively contributing to reducing the global carbon footprint via zero emissions. Now that I had decided on the vehicle to purchase, I needed to find the best deal possible. I mean, why wait to start saving – right?

Having found success financing vehicles with them in the past, I decided to go w/CarMax again for this cash purchase. And sure enough, they had what seemed like a steal of a deal on a 2013 Nissan Leaf S. For $9.9k, I would be purchasing a plugin EV in great condition and with only 15k miles on it! I reached out to Roberto at the Torrance location and arranged a time to meet.  Thanks to Roberto’s great service, I was in and out of there in about 90 minutes.

I will definitely keep you posted on this new journey!

Total acquisition cost: $12,075.65



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