TextMate + Flex SDK + Ant

This is a pretty sweet combination. TextMate has been my favorite text editor on the Mac for a while although I must confess that I hadn’t been taking advantage of all it’s features. Through “bundles”, you can transform TextMate from an ordinary editor into a complete development environment.

Case in point, I recently discovered the stock Subversion bundle and checked out the Ant, AS3 and Flex bundles and now have a viable alternative to Eclipse + Subclipse + FB plugin for those days when Eclipse feels too sluggish.

To add the extra bundles, create a path for them, switch to that new directory then do a SVN checkout:

$ cd /Library/Application\ Suppport
$ mkdir TextMate
$ cd TextMate
$ mkdir Bundles
$ cd Bundles
$ svn co http://macromates.com/svn/Bundles/trunk/Review/Bundles/#bundleName#.tmbundle

Where #bundleName# is the one you want to check out. If you don’t specify a bundle, you’ll check out the whole lot. Also, as an alternative, you can grab the Open Terminal script which lets you open a terminal from Finder after you’ve created the paths the GUI way. In that case, you just have to run the checkout command.

Happy coding!!

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