Battle of the Bandwidth!!!

Makes me feel like I'm still in combat (..not funny). This past Friday my blog went down again due to heavy traffic from my tutorials. I'm glad but @ the same time I've got to get it figured out.

In the first 10 days of the month the site was doing over 1GB/day. So, I squeezed the FLVs down knocking about 400MB off of 20 files and ramped up the bandwidth. Hopefully that will do the trick and I can make it through the rest of the month... Read more

New Classes

Caught the urge the other day to finish up some classes I had started on a while ago. During the wrap up I got a Java-Doc inspiration. The result (4) nifty little classes with complete documentation that simplify everyday life in Flash. I present XMLMenu, BlogMenu, Guestbook and FlashCookie. Big shout out to Lee Brimelow on the last one (co-author). Matter of fact, I've posted links to the classes in the Classes section of his forum @ Read more

Sign My Guestbook

This topic pops up alot on the gotoAndLearn() forums. So, I decided to do a tutorial on it. I focus mainly on the Flash side since that's the common factor amongst the GAL users. Plus, including the code for doing it with text, PHP, ASP, MySQL, SQL Server, Access, etc would take at least an hour. Even still, I think people will be able to use it as a good foundation for their ideas. Check it out and tell me what you think. Read more

Caught The Video Tutorial Bug

After spending about a week on the forums @ gotoAndLearn() I found a way to be helpful to others while helping myself @ the same time. By sharing what I've learned and am learning through video tutorials I can give back to a community that embraced me while keeping my mind sharp in preparation for the certification exams. I've already made two thus far. One on using Event Listeners and another on using Shared Objects in Flash. Read more