Of Kings and Queens

“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown” ~ King Henry, Henry IV, Part II.

Whenever I think of that statement I take it to mean, among other things, that a true “king” MUST overstand that his better is not the superlative but, rather an imperative. It is not ego-driven but more of an innate drive to suffer the burden as the ultimate standard-bearer.

He must be the epitome of humility and confidence; of peace and ferocity tempered by a graceful amount of restraint. He must lead with a gracious and enduring strength that emboldens and inspires his people so that they may thrive to the highest of their capacity.

He alone can carry this mighty weight, the purpose for which he was forged. But most importantly, he does so willingly and gladly for free – no compensation nor recognition required.


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