GitX Tweaks: Commit View

So, after thinking about my most recent updates, I decided I wanted to change the way that the commit view looks but just slightly. This is my 1st pass on some things I’d like to have available via the toolbar.

Would also like to tweak the view selector buttons, revise remote selection and add toolbar buttons for all the contextual menu items, which aren’t many.


  1. Really great looking tweaks for Unfuddle integration! I pulled down your forked version off of github, but the compiled app is missing and I don’t have a developer’s license to compile using Xcode. Any way you can post the compiled app?

  2. Hey Chris,

    Sorry about that, try this link ->

    NOTE: this version differs from the current source on GitHub slightly as I started tweaking some of the icons and refactored how remote pushes work. I’ll be updating the source later today to match…

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