GitX: A git GUI for OSX

GitX is a git GUI made for OSX. It was created by Pieter de Bie and is a really solid tool for working with git on OSX. I’ve been using it for about 9 months now. I liked it so much when I first began using it that I immediately added the ability to perform remote pushes to Unfuddle.

I was pushing some commits earlier this morning and realized that I never made the changes to GitX public. It was always my goal to share the updates with the community but I always kept getting sidetracked. Well, today I forked the master project and even added GitHub integration.


You’ll need the latest version of Xcode to compile from source. If you just want access to the customized application, you can download a ZIP of the forked project and you’ll find the application in /path/to/download/build/Debug/ Hope others find this as useful as I have…


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