DrupalCampLA 2007

Posting this from DrupalCamp. This is a cool event with a great turnout. There are a lot of bright people here and it's sparked my idea mill for some different ways that I can further integrate Flex/Flash with this awesome CMS! Found out about it at the last minute but glad I did. It's being held at the AOL offices in Beverly Hills which is also cool. Read more

The Principles of OOP

As the number and complexity of projects that I have to develop on increases daily, I've found it crucial to employ OOP principles and various Design Patterns to help keep the madness organized. Doing so has truly benefitted me so, I thought it would be a cool idea to share with you. I'll talk alot about my adventures in OOP over the next few posts starting with the four principles; Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism. Read more

Missing In Action

When you get busy, you don't realize how fast time passes. This has been the case with me over the past several weeks. Because of that I've kinda neglected this spot. Part of my time was spent building a new home for my code library though. You can now find it @ www.thesourcecode.org. Think things will be back to normal now. Got some more video tuts in mind so you can be on the lookout for those too. Read more

OOP Madness!!

Working on a client project I decided to port one of my FLAs to a class (for reusability). Simple enough. My main goal was to not have to do any major recoding since I'm thinking "future class" in the 1st place. Well, part of the project involves FLVs (playback, progress, etc) running off FMS2. Read more

Google Brings Video to Adwords

Google is soon to release "click-to-play" video ads on its content network. These new ads will join their existing lineup of text, Flash and image based ads. The initial rollout will be the US, Canada and Japan with other regions soon to follow. These ads will follow the same guidelines as the other formats so there's really nothing new to advertisers on the business end. CPC or CPM, geo-targeting, etc... the choices remain the same. Google even goes as far as touting that this new format will be of benefit not only to the "big" brands but to smaller shops as well. We'll see though... Read more

Battle of the Bandwidth!!!

Makes me feel like I'm still in combat (..not funny). This past Friday my blog went down again due to heavy traffic from my tutorials. I'm glad but @ the same time I've got to get it figured out.

In the first 10 days of the month the site was doing over 1GB/day. So, I squeezed the FLVs down knocking about 400MB off of 20 files and ramped up the bandwidth. Hopefully that will do the trick and I can make it through the rest of the month... Read more

Caught The Video Tutorial Bug

After spending about a week on the forums @ gotoAndLearn() I found a way to be helpful to others while helping myself @ the same time. By sharing what I've learned and am learning through video tutorials I can give back to a community that embraced me while keeping my mind sharp in preparation for the certification exams. I've already made two thus far. One on using Event Listeners and another on using Shared Objects in Flash. Read more