Transmit and Amazon S3

Just discovered that Transmit 3.7 has S3 support. You can manage it using the Advanced Preferences tab which you access by holding down the Option key while clicking on the Transmit application menu. From there you will see an extra preference tab where you can manage server connections and S3 settings. Now if they only added a tab for managing public keys for SCP/SFTP. For this you have to make sure your key is available @ ~/.ssh
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What’s In A Name?

I recently overheard a conversation about IDE naming and its impact on an individual or company's bottom line. There were numerous supporters of the notion that the name of the tool an individual or company chooses has direct correlation to the number and types of clients that individual or company can secure. In contrast, there was an equal amount of supporters of the notion that the IDE name makes little or no difference and that it instead rests with the underlying technology used, as well as, the competency of the individual and/or company.

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TextMate and Regular Expressions

A lot of Mac users have become familiar with a powerful text editor in the form of TextMate. It combines some of the power that is Unix with some of the cleaness that is OSX to give you an editor that could replace some IDEs. It has code snippets and macros made available via bundles that have been created by the community and cover over 30 different languages. You can use it for Flash development, even issuing "Test Movie" commands from TextMate.

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KwikUML v0.4

I had a breakthrough recently on several usability bugs that were bothering me. For a habitual work-a-holic like myself, hurdling obstacles makes it all worth the long, sleepless nights. Although it's hard to find time to devote to it because of my official workload, it's still rewarding to see KwikUML grow in spite of my unintentional neglect. Read more