Joining the Party

Man, the past year has been a whirlwind. I've seriously been MIA on all the boards, blogs, and videos. Feels like I've been locked away in a dark dungeon where the only pastime was coding. With the launch of the RMX, I hope that will all change. I've spent the last few hours migrating most of the content I've been posting over the last (2) years to the RMX. Read more

Leopard 1st Thoughts

I installed 10.5 last night when I got in and so far so good. The upgrade process took, maybe, an hour and after that I started thinking of what new feature I wanted to use 1st. The winner was Spaces. This feature lets you split up your screen real estate by saying, "only open these apps in this space". I set up spaces for dev, design and everything else. The goal is to reduce the clutter and keep your machine visually beautiful. Read more

The Way It Should Be

This morning, before work, I remembered that I needed desparately to upgrade the RAM on my MacBook. 1GB just wasn't going to cut it anymore. Only problem was I didn't have any spare cash to pick up a couple of memory sticks right now. No problema. I just swapped out with my iMac which is seeing limited use right now and viola! The whole process took, maybe, 10 minutes and yielded me a pretty productive day (I don't know why that extra 1GB motivated me so much). :) Read more

Flex :: Compiling on Mac OSX Panther

Want to save other developers the headaches of setting up a workflow on OSX. A lot of stuff that's out is either outdated (alpha release) or only works with Tiger. This series of tidbits is for the Panther faithful (whatever our reasons). So, first we'll look @ command-line compiling specific to Beta 3 and Final. OK, on my Mac I've got the SDK installed @ /Developer/SDKs/Flex/. And, I compose my MXML @ /hasan/fp/flex/. So, this would be the command to take an MXML file and compile it to a SWF: Read more

Safari on Windows!?

Now users of Windows XP and Vista can experience the web, Apple style. Apple brings its simple/elegant browser to the Microsoft desktop and promises that Safari will not only do less to inhibit your online experience but also improve that experience through faster speeds, among other things. The Beta is available now here, with the final version due some time this fall. Read more

Wires and Frames!

If you're serious about Flash/Flex development, you owe it to yourself to get into wireframing. Now I know some of you that read my ramblings are already down with this concept but for those that are unfamiliar with it, you'll only benefit from it. Wireframing is the process of creating basic visual guides that are used to suggest the layout and placement of fundamental design elements in interface design. Read more