Adobe Illustrator CS5 HTML Pack

If you’ve been longing for a way to take your vector designs straight from Illustrator to Dreamweaver, you’ll want to grab the Illustrator CS5 HTML Pack from Adobe Labs. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the features:


  • Support SVG + HTML 5
  • – canvas
    – scaleable
    – accessible text

  • Generate CSS3
  • Live, selectable text
  • – use JS to manipulate

  • Lots of power to chop up designs (think PS slices)
  • CSS Export!!! (Export Selected as CSS)
  • – export object
    – export object styles
    – export text styles via Character Styles tab
    – export gradients!!

  • Link to exported CSS via DW
  • FREE download from Adobe Labs on 9/13 (Get it Today!!)


  • Doesn’t generate HTML; just CSS
  • IE9 can render natively; older versions have to use a plugin

Would write more but I’m anxious myself so I’m off to install my copy and start creating!!! 😀

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